Barbara Laverty Escobar

Profile Updated: June 9, 2017
Residing In Winnetka, CA USA
Spouse/Partner Michael John Escobar
Occupation Fiber Artist, Retired Adult Health Educator
Children Peter Robert Hamilton, born 1969, deceased 1987
Miguel del Arco, 1975 AFS Exchange student son from More…Madrid, Spain
Joseph Anthony Davis, born 1958, foster son

Lived in Ohio 1968-1979 with Jerry Hamilton, my first husband who worked for Air Force Intelligence
Live in California 1979 - present.
Made fiber art for film: Men in Black, Wild Wild West, K-Pax, My Giant, Primary Colors, Face Off, Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes.
Worked as an Adult Health Educator for Kaiser Permanente HMO. Taught smoking cessation, Arthritis Care Mgmt, Chronic Disease Mgmt. Retired after 29 years service.
Currently teaching fiber art and quilting.
Tarot card reader for 30 years.

School Story

Best story was the appearance of a fully tricked out Harley Davidson in Miss Beeler's classroom. Jim Varney, with assistance from the custodial staff accomplished the delivery.

Hanging out in Mr. Hatter's class. He gave Jim Varney 5 minutes for stand-up to begin the class. Jim agreed to be a regular student the rest of the hour. Worked for everyone.

Mrs. Sanderson unlocked my artistic talent. I taught her how to knit and she allowed me to teach the class. The guys were the best knitters.

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My artistic drive settled into quilting. It keeps me poor and productive. I have so much fabric yet to turn into cuddlly quilts I can never die. California has been good to me. Got to make props for movies: Wild Wild West, K-Pax, A Little Princess, Primary Colors where director, Mike Nichols loved my banners. Jeff Bridges rang my bell in K-Pax. Kevin Klein pointed out my needle point in Wild Wild West. It was a thrill to go on the studio lots - the best was Warner Brothers.
Seeing the same studio I'd seen in all those Warner TV shows from the 60's. Many of
the quilts are from shows I've done of my work. I teach doll making, ethnic clothing
design, pillow making at Quilt Emporium in Woodland Hills, CA.
I also have read Tarot Cards for a living for over 30 years. I am quite accurate
Need for cash drove me to healthcare work. I retired from Kaiser Permanente after 29 years. I taught smoking cessation, Arthritis Management, and Chronic Condition self-care. I liked guiding my patients to live the fullest life possible in spite of physical maladies. I loved working with my patients who wanted to quit smoking. They had lived colorful lives and wanted to continue living so were willing to give up some vices. It was like hanging out with my family. I brought pictures of the tobacco industry from Kentucky. Many in my family were tobacco farmers... Oh the stories.

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